A mid-size Colorado company had three servers that were at the end of life.

Rather than spend almost $30K in hardware, software and labor, 303 NETWORKS set up an Azure cloud server for this company’s needed cloud applications. Many employees only needed to share files so SharePoint and OneDrive Collaboration Tools were set up to handle their needs. Not only did this business enjoy a huge savings on hardware, but it will also no longer need to replace hardware.

User experience will be the same no matter if the employee is working at the office, at home, or on the road, improving efficiency for this business. Their monthly cost is only slightly more than before and they have peace of mind knowing its business data is secure.


A Lakewood, Colorado based oil company moved its main operations to southwestern Colorado with many key employees remaining in Lakewood. All employees needed a BETTER SOLUTION for collaboration and they needed the new system IMPLEMENTED QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

303 NETWORKS moved all programs and files to the Cloud and the business NEVER MISSED A BEAT. The company did not experience any downtime during the transition.


A Golden, Colorado company was expanding quickly and its existing servers were nearing end of life. Due to the company’s recent growth to more locations in Colorado, along with its Pandemic-related remote workforce, they needed immediate, reliable remote access. 303 NETWORKS moved this company to Azure cloud server. All four locations now have the same reliable and secure in-the-cloud computing experience.


A Denver-based national Entertainment Company got hit three times in one year with Ransomware. They called us and we immediately set up three Cloud Servers. With users in 20 states, their data is secure, with no more threats, and they have not experienced any downtime during the process.


A Denver-based law firm (one of our clients), informed us that their Firm was broken into over a holiday weekend. Luckily for our client, when the intruders got into the building, they noticed security cameras inside the business – and they quickly left. Though a small box of cables were taken, the intruders did not stick around long enough to take other expensive office equipment.

This Denver business is fortunate. They knew the importance of having surveillance cameras at their place of business. The presence of security cameras can discourage would-be thieves and can protect your business during operating and non-operating hours.


A service company located in Lakewood, Colorado continually experiences high-volume hiring as well as employee turnover.  With each employee hire/termination (as often as a few times per week), individual employee emails, passwords, and cloud services have to be created/modified.  The owner was tired of waiting for their previous IT company to make the necessary employee setups.  We have setups completed within an hour of their request.


When the COVID-19 Pandemic forced this West Arvada Animal Hospital to immediately change their patient drop-off procedures, they needed an immediate solution.  Pet owners were not allowed into the Animal Hospital during examinations of their pets yet the Animal Hospital needed to have a way to quickly and efficiently communicate – via technology – with pet owners as they waited in the parking lot.  We deployed an Outdoor Access Point to cover the entire parking lot so clients could communicate with hospital personnel quickly and efficiently.  We were able to resolve the problem – from discussion to ordering devices to installation and implementation – all within five days. 


A West Arvada Event Center was holding a large outdoor charity event and needed immediate assistance for a much faster and more reliable internet service.  The event was only days away and we were able to partner with a large internet company to set up 100 meg Point-To-Point service within 3 days.  The event was a success!


A South Denver mortgage company needed a more efficient way to share files, quickly and securely. We deployed Datto Workplace for a seamless transition to Cloud file sharing.